The fanlisting was launched on February 21, 2006. Since the beginning, I've always supported Kaname & Yuki ♥ They have these tender moments that make my heart burst with glee~ Yuki once told Kaname, "As long as Kaname-sama is here, I'm not scared." So I took a cue from Hino-sensei and named the fanlisting Knight.

When my March 2006 issue of Lala came in, I nearly died from OTP joy ♥ As you can see on the left, it is one of the most gorgeous covers I've ever seen, and I knew I had to use it for the layout! It was quite the challenge to clean up the scan, though ^^; I wanted to stick to dark colors, but it ended up kinda shiny XD Since the series revolves around vampires, I was practically obligated to include blood splatters on the layout. I also contrasted white and black to symbolically represent light (Yuki) and darkness (Kaname) in their relationship - or is it the other way around, since Kaname brought Yuki out of the darkness and is her light? :3


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