Vampire Knight is a shoujo series created by Hino Matsuri, whose past works include Toraware no Minoue, Merupuri, and Wanted. It was published in the monthly Lala magazine from November 2004 through May 2013, with 93 chapters collected in 19 volumes. A spinoff series entitled Vampire Knight Memories debuted in June 2016 and is currently ongoing. An anime adaptation premiered in 2008 with 26 episodes.

For centuries, vampires and humans clashed in bloody conflicts. Chairman Kurosu wants to break this dark cycle, by opening an Academy where the futures of tomorrow can learn to coexist in peace. Cross Academy is thus split into Day Class and Night Class, and the two classes only meet during the changing of classes at dusk. Yuuki and Zero are the appointed school guardians, protecting the secret of the Night Class and maintaining harmony between the classes. But can vampires and humans really coexist in peace?

Boy & Girl

Kuran Kaname is a Pure Blood vampire, the noblest of all the vampires. His powers and abilities are feared even by his own kind. He is the last of the Kuran clan, and respects Chairman Kurosu, who knew his parents. While he supports the Chairman's pacifist ideals, he only agrees to attend the academy so that he can be near Yuuki and protect her. With his backing, other noble vampires decide to attend Cross Academy with him.

Kurosu Yuuki is a first year Day Class student and school guardian at Cross Academy. Her family was presumably killed by vampires when she was 5, and she is only alive today thanks to Kaname saving her from a bad vampire on that snowy day 10 years ago. She has since been adopted by the Chairman, and shares his ideals that not all vampires are bad. She looks up to Kaname, and even though he is a vampire, she can't help but have a little crush on him.